Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red Light/Green Light...The Kitty Version

I found this hilarious video on YouTube. It was titled "Ninja cat comes closer while not moving", but watching it reminded me of the old children's game hence the title to my post.

Boob Tube Rundown

I watched plenty of TV this summer, including some shows which just finished or are just now wrapping up. Included on that list was my perennial summer favorite, Big Brother. As usual, my favorite contestant did not win, and instead two yucky, evil and conniving people were the final two. Dan aka Judas (if you agree with Jerry) won the half-million and Keesha won $25K as voted by America. I voted for Renny. That ol' gal was a hoot! She made for some fun TV.

America's Got Talent has had a great season, and I'm thrilled that my favorite, Eli Mattson, made it into the top 5. Come finale night I plan on letting my fingers do the talking as I dial and redial to vote, vote, vote for my guy to take home the prize. Though in a crowded field of singers, Nuttin but Stringz might stand out enough to take home the prize.

The newest addition to my viewing schedule is Fringe and let me tell you, so far it's been worth that lost hour of my life which I could've spent doing something productive. It's been intriguing (what's up with Massive Dynamic? good or evil?), creepy (dead man-baby...need I say more), and a little out there...which for a TV show is all good in my book. I'm still a little iffy about Joshua Jackson's performance as Peter Bishop, but he's slowly growing on me. John Noble as Walter Bishop is downright brilliant. I expect he'll be getting an Emmy nomination this time next year.

Looking forward to House and hopefully a quick resolution to the rift between House and Wilson. They're Holmes and Watson. They can't break up!

As previously mentioned, I'll be watching Heroes and Dancing with the Stars on Monday. Still not sure which I'll be watching live and which will be taped for later viewing. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great Heroes season reminiscent of the excitement and anticipation of Season One. As for Dancing with the Stars, no clear celebrity frontrunners or early favorites going into the season, but I always love Julianne Hough. Unfortunately, they partnered her up with some young kid from the Hannah Montana show so her success is dubious at best. I could be wrong, and this kid could be great, but it seems to me that the powers that be at ABC do not want the poor girl to three-peat and take home that third disco trophy. I guess they think a country music career is enough.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Better Late Than Never

As you guys might recall, I mentioned back in July or August that I was looking forward to catching the Jets vs. Giants in their pre-season game. Well, I went, I saw, I conquered. The conquered part is a bit of an exageration, but I did go and see. The game was great, especially since miraculously the Jets managed to win. I got to see my man Brett donning his new gang green uniform. I did bring my camera, but I only took a few shots before the game started. Here they are.

I'm Baaack!

Sorry I've been gone so long. I wish I could say I was out doing missionary work in Ethiopia, saving the whales, or something else just as noble and worthy, but alas I was home and too lazy to get off my duff and blog. Anyway, I hope you all had a great summer. I can't wait for the new Fall TV season to kick in to high gear. So far, so good. Tuesday's "House" was great and "Fringe" was even better! And, as if life's choices aren't difficult enough, this Monday its "Heroes" or "Dancing with the Stars." Oh no! What am I to do? Do I watch Heroes and tape Dancing or do I watch Dancing and tape Heroes? Choices, choices.