Thursday, October 21, 2010

100 things

I've read 100 things on various blogs, and thought it was such a cool way to share more of myself with the friends and family that read my blog. So, here goes.

1. My name is Maria.
2. Maria Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) to be exact, like the fallen woman in the Bible
3. Not sure what mom was thinking with that one
4. I was born in Uruguay South America
5. I was 8 when I arrived in the US
6. I didn’t know a word of English
7. It was very lonely and scary
8. I’ve lived in the same town for 34 years
9. My family means the world to me
10. I took care of my mom the better part of my life
11. It gave my life purpose
12. I lost my mom over a year ago
13. I still miss her
14. She was my best friend
15. I have two brothers that I love very much
16. My younger brother was my best friend growing up, and still is today
17. I wish I was more like my younger brother. He’s brave and funny.
18. My brothers have blessed me with 3 nephews and 2 nieces between the two of them
19. The youngest two are my knuckleheads
20. They’re my babies
21. My sister-in-law is kind enough to share them with me
22. I love them to the moon and back
23. I’ve had 3 jobs in my life, 2 were when I was a teenager
24. I’ve been at my current job for almost 23 years
25. My co-workers are more than friends, they’re like family
26. I want to visit Scotland one day
27. I think it’s all the romance novels I’ve read over the years
28. Or the possibility of being swept off my feet by the laird of a powerful clan
29. I love cartoons
30. And Sunday morning news shows
31. I love the crisp cool air of Fall
32. I love snowstorms and the mad frenzy of people in supermarkets before the storm, like this is the storm that ends it all
33. I hate shoveling snow
34. I hate hot weather (anything over 85° is too hot)
35. I watch too much TV
36. I love to read
37. I’m shy and socially-awkward
38. I do better one-on-one (I think)
39. I wish I were braver
40. I blush over anything, I hate it
41. I’ve never been in love
42. I’d like to be one day
43. I believe in love at first sight
44. I’m Catholic
45. My faith gives me strength
46. I always feel close to God
47. I know he cares about me and that gives me peace
48. I believe in heaven
49. I believe in hell
50. I believe in the power of prayer
51. I love my cat, Jasmin
52. She used to belong to my mom
53. I wonder if Jasmin remembers her
54. I like Dunkin Donuts caramel swirl iced coffee
55. I became friends with a patient at the nursing home where mom was before she passed away, and I visit her still. She begged that I not forget her. She has no one else.
56. I like my house to be tidy
57. But I rarely make my bed
58. I don’t have many friends
59. Never have
60. I’ve always been nerdy
61. I hate feeling left out
62. I felt like that a lot when I was a teenager
63. I hate flannel sheets
64. I love the cool side of the pillow
65. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain
66. I hate going to the dentist
67. I get hives when I go
68. I volunteer
69. I’m grateful for everything God has blessed me with
70. I’ve saved two lives in my lifetime, a squirrel and a bird
71. When I go to the cemetery to visit my dad, I also bring flowers for Nicole
72. I never met Nicole (a story for another day)
73. I love rooting for the underdog
74. I love happy endings
75. I’m a fan of the Jets and Mets, but root for all NY teams
76. I’m not athletic
77. I wish I were
78. I would love to learn how to swim, ride a bike, play the guitar and speak a new language
79. I taught my younger brother how to ride a bike
80. I’m afraid of heights and public speaking
81. I’ve never done anything wild and crazy
82. I’d like to one day
83. I have a wall plaque that says “once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy tale”
84. I wish one day that would apply to me
85. I love to feel needed
86. I love a comfortable pair of jeans and a big sweatshirt
87. I hate long flowing nightgowns and pajama pants (my legs feel like they’re in a straight jacket)
88. When I was younger my dream was to write a book or a screenplay
89. And win an Oscar
90. I’d thank God in my acceptance speech
91. I used to practice my speech in front of my bedroom mirror
92. I’ve considered getting a little tattoo on my ankle
93. It would be of a little butterfly
94. I used to call my mom “mi querida mariposa”
95. I’ve never been drunk
96. I think it’s important to be kind
97. I love bread and chocolate, the two together is paradise
98. I look forward to growing old
99. I can’t wait to see my knuckleheads grow into wonderful men
100. I pray that they’ll always be happy