Sunday, May 29, 2011


After what seemed an endless round of Seattle-like weather, my brother decided to take advantage of a lull in the rain to finally cut the grass at his home. He started his lawn mower, and quickly stopped, as a dead mouse fell out from the undercarriage of the machine. The poor little mouse had obviously taken residence in the recently unused machine. The story would normally end there, but for the fact, that attached to the dead mouse's nipple was a little baby mouse still trying to suckle. So begins the story of Lucky.

As my brother realized the little baby mouse, quickly named Lucky, was still alive, his guilt at having accidentally made Lucky an orphan prompted him to bring him inside and try to keep him alive, and that's how I spent last weekend trying to feed and keep a tiny little mouse alive. I searched the internet for info on how to feed orphaned baby mice, and we tried our best, but sadly he survived only four days and despite all our efforts Lucky didn't make it.

I fell in love with that tiny little creature as soon as I saw him. As you can see from the pictures above, he was so precious. Holding him in your hands was incredible. So delicate and mousy with his little whiskers and teeny-tiny tail, yet so human-like in his actions. He'd curl up on his side to sleep, resting his head on the soft little velour blanky I'd gotten him, and when I'd pick him up, he'd stretch in my hands and yawn. At one point, he was sleeping and completely covered, and when I lifted the edge of the blanky and the light hit him, he raised his little mouse arm to cover his still unopened eyes. Amazing. Only God could create something so tiny and perfect. After this experience, I'll never look at a mouse the same way again.