Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Voice 411

(First row, left to right: Brandon Chase, Holly Henry; Second row: Caroline Pennell, Jonny Gray)

During last night’s 2-hour episode, “The Voice” coaches completed their 12 member teams, and therefore ended the blind audition rounds. Hence, beginning next Monday we’ll be moving on to the battle rounds in which two contestants from the same team compete against each other while singing the same song; their coach chooses which one advances to the next round.

Each coach will be working with a celebrity advisor to guide and encourage their team duos in advance of their performance. This year’s celebrity advisors are Cher (Team Blake), Miguel (Team CeeLo), Ed Sheeran (Team Christina) and Ryan Tedder (Team Adam). As with last year, singers not chosen by their coach during the battle round will be available to be stolen by another coach, with each coach allowed two steals.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve already picked my favorite for this season, Holly Henry from Team Blake. The 19-year old singer-songwriter stunned me with her amazingly beautiful, breathy and vulnerable voice, when she sang Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” The added bonus was the touching shot of her little brother wiping away tears during her performance. While I’ll be rooting for Holly all the way, there are a couple other performers worth following, including another Team Blake member (Brandon Chase) and two Team CeeLo members (Caroline Pennell and Jonny Gray). I would love it if Blake could manage to steal Caroline, who had a sweet voice and a quirky/shy personality that was just as charming. Blake had a chance at her during the auditions, when both he and CeeLo turned their chairs, but while she didn’t end up with the cowboy on the first go around, here’s hoping the second time is the charm and she ends up on the right team in the end.

In addition, to the great contestants, I must say so far it’s been great to have CeeLo and Christina back this season. I love CeeLo; he’s always so laid back and almost poetic in his critique of each singer. As for Christina, what can I say? I don’t know if absence made the heart grow fonder and she’s actually happy to be back, or if it’s some kind of personality makeover done for PR; but whatever the reason or cause, she seems sincere, sweet, and friendly; a welcome change from season’s past.

You can watch the auditions for all 48 contestants heading into the battle rounds by visiting NBC’s The Voice page. Here’s to a great season and, fingers crossed, that Holly wins. Go Team Blake! Yee-haw!