Friday, November 1, 2013

Boob Tube Update

This summer was nothing but clean living and lots of reading, as I fully committed to my reading good/TV bad motto, but like Michael Corleone in the Godfather, “just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in” and as feared my old reliable friend, TV, lured me back with promises of fun, fame and fortune (so far I've only found a couple quarters under the sofa cushions). Anyway, below is a quick recap of my current boob tube favorites.

This week The Voice culled the teams for the requisite number of contestants to go to the live shows and in the process ripped my heart out by booting out my favorite from the auditions, Holly Henry. What was Blake thinking? I think he had a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ in his Starbucks cup. With the knockout rounds over, each coach now has five contestants representing their team, and for the most part each team is diverse enough, with a little bit of country, rock, and other genres thrown in, to offer something that appeals to everyone’s taste. In my opinion, Blake and Ceelo have the best teams with two of the four contestants I had noted in my previous Voice post still in the running. One new person of interest that captured my attention was Cole, who really had a moment when he performed a great rendition of the Passenger song “Let Her Go” during his knockout round on Ceelo’s team and whom Blake was able to steal right out from under Adam. Despite his betrayal, I’m still Team Blake all the way, but I get the feeling that this just might be Ceelo’s year, and that he’ll have at least two contestants (Jonny and Caroline) which might go all the way. Nonetheless, as previous seasons have proven, song choice is crucial and America is fickle so a dark horse could sneak in, take home the win, and ride off into oblivion.

I’m still firmly hooked on The Blacklist, and though the last couple of episodes haven’t had quite the same oomph as the first four, I am geeking out about the fact that none other than House’s Wilson aka Robert Sean Leonard will be appearing as a mad scientist responsible for a chemical attack on next Monday’s episode entitled “Frederick Barnes” (picture above). While we’ve seemingly made some progress on the subplot surrounding Liz’s husband Tom, with Russian spy Gina Zanetakos corroborating his claims of innocence (a story which I just don’t buy), we are still no closer to solving the enigma which is Red. I’m hoping 1) that the stories surrounding the blacklist targets get a little stronger (ala The Stewmaker; still gives me the heebie-jeebies thinking about him) and 2) that we start to do more than scratch the surface of the whole Red/Liz dynamic (still think he’s her dad). I loved the fact that Liz turned to him when worrying about Tom. The entire hand-holding scene with Red was such an awww moment.

I’ve been making Once Upon a Time my Sunday afternoon, no good football games on TV, viewing material and as of last Sunday I’m fully caught up with all the episodes in Season 3. While the season started slow in my estimation, I’m enjoying some of the latest developments...(SPOILER ALERT - IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED ALL THE EPISODES STOP READING NOW) ...

including Hook and Emma’s smooch (all for it; not into Baelfire/Neal) and the fact that Regina just might have a Prince Charming of her own out there waiting for her in the form of none other than Mr. Robin Hood. The Mulan loves Aurora reveal seems like a desperate bid for attention, but hey, it keeps things interesting. Lastly, I don’t know if it’s just me, but the whole Neverland and Peter Pan storyline is starting to wear thin, so I’m really hoping they don’t drag this out for the entirety of the season.