Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Boob Tube Update (TV Redux)

Well, it took longer than anticipated but despite all efforts to the contrary Fall and Winter managed to push me off the less TV viewing wagon and straight onto my couch, as evidenced by the dent in it where my butt has been sitting way too much of late. The situation isn’t improving any time soon either since I just added two new shows onto my viewing schedule; Resurrection on ABC and Believe on NBC. Did you guys catch those premieres on Sunday and Monday respectively? So worth the loss of an hour of sleep!

As of right now, I’m watching The Voice (though not religiously), The Blacklist, Once Upon A Time, Resurrection, Bob’s Burgers, and Believe. Thankfully American Idol flaked out and after some great audition rounds the judges ended up picking a ho-hum group of singers which made it sublimely easy to drop it from my viewing list. Dancing with the Stars premieres next week though, so depending on how things go, that one might be a last minute addition. All I can say is thank God for OnDemand.

Last week’s The Blacklist (“The Judge”) was pretty good overall; nothing monumental was revealed. Sure we got confirmation on Tom’s double-agent spy role, but it’s not like it came out of the blue. I’m sure most loyal fans of the show suspected as much after the box find and Red’s countless warnings to Liz. As for Tom’s employer, my guess would have to be Fitch. The most intriguing part of the episode for me though was the tidbits of information on Lucy Brooks/Jolene Parker; such as the fact that she’s been following Red all this time. This was a bit of a surprise since in the “Madeline Pratt” episode Red says “she already faked her death to elude me, now she’s back;” so here you thought he was the hunter and instead it turns out he’s the prey. The preview of next week’s episode “Mako Tanida” looks edge-of-your-seat good with Tom apparently beating the heck out of Jolene (not very gentlemanly).

I watched Once Upon A Time’s new episode (“New York City Serenade”) on Sunday and I must say it was pretty darn good. I feared the directors might stretch out the Emma’s lost memories bit but that was quickly resolved and hopefully we’ll be moving on to more important things. I’m looking forward to some movement on the Regina / Hood front, but at least they’ve met which isn’t bad for an hour’s worth of work. I had wondered how they’d deal with Goodwin’s real-life pregnancy and was very pleased that they simply incorporated it into Snow’s storyline.

Resurrection’s premiere on Sunday was on the money as far as performances though I was a little disappointed it didn’t stay truer to the book (The Returned; click on the link to read my review). As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been keeping my eye out for this one since the show’s trailer first surfaced last year and I must say the first episode did not disappoint. The casting was pretty spot on; loved Kurtwood Smith as Henry and Omar Epps as Bellamy and even with the initial changes to the story it was pretty compelling, though I was a little disconcerted that they have in front of them a dead boy miraculously resurrected and the main characters seemed more interested about the details of the day of his death and a murder mystery 32 years old than the mere fact that the kid was dead just days ago.

I actually skipped last week’s episodes of The Voice, I know what was I thinking, but I did watch last night’s 2-hour episode (ugh!, too long) and unlike prior seasons I am not wild about anyone yet. Of course, there is plenty of time to fall in love since we still have the Battle Rounds and Knockouts Rounds (with steals to boot) before we get to the live shows.

Bob’s Burgers 'S wonderful! 'S marvelous! Please imagine me singing that last bit because that’s how much I love this wildly ridiculous bunch. Anyone who watches this work of art regularly knows that the creators usually have a catchy little ditty at the end of most episodes to leave you humming a merry tune and this week’s episode “The Frond Files” featured the brilliant and unforgettable “Farts are Liberty” (yes, I will admit to loving fart humor). If you have never watched this show, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY NOT?! Seriously, do yourself a favor and tune in at least once to see what you’ve been missing. Bob’s is the best of Fox’s animation domination with the possible exception of the all-time classic, The Simpsons.

Lastly, last night was the season premiere of Believe and...drumroll please...I loved it!!! Despite my built-up anticipation for the Resurrection premiere, I can honestly say I loved Believe so much more. Holy moly the opening car crash sequence and the subsequent assassinations were heart-poundingly scary and don’t even get me started about the last few minutes especially the big reveal. Wow; way to end it on a high note.