Thursday, April 24, 2014

Daring to Dream

Inspiration can come in so many forms and for me today it bares Nico Calabria’s face. I was doing my usual lunchtime net surfing today and came across this incredibly moving video. I’ll let you take a look.

This video brought tears to my eyes, not out of pity or sympathy but out of pure admiration. If it’s possible to feel pride in someone you’ve never met or had ever heard about 2:11 minutes before hitting play, then that is what I felt. Proud of this young man that overcame so much and continues to defy the odds and not let himself be defined by his limitations.

I’m sharing this video because Nico’s dream is to play World Cup soccer and your support can help make that dream come true. As a member of the USA National Amputee Soccer Team, Nico is preparing for the 2014 games to be held in Culiacan, Mexico from November 30 through December 8, 2014. Members of the US team are scattered across the country. Practicing together requires significant travel expenses and he is looking for help in offsetting those costs. If you’re interested in helping, visit Nico’s website or gofundme page. No contribution is too small and every dollar brings him one step closer to making his dream come true.

The way I see it you’re not just helping to make one dream come true, but maybe fostering hundreds or thousands of others because Nico’s dream fulfilled will serve as an inspiration to other children (boys and girls), men and women facing obstacles of their own who moved by his example will aspire to bold and seemingly unreachable dreams. After all, the first step towards attaining any dream is just daring to dream it. Click on the link and contribute what’s within your means; help make someone’s dream more than just a wish, but a reality.