Thursday, May 15, 2014


Sorry for the prolonged silence but I've been swamped by a mountain of work of late. Of course, none of it was chargeable work (as valuable as the holy grail chalice from Indiana Jones in our office), but it nonetheless had to be done. Between coming in early, staying late and maintaining my regular TV viewing schedule once home, I haven't had time to blog on my recent reads or films, or to simply shoot the breeze. Things are slowly going back to normal now that a big round of meetings has come and gone, so I'll be back soon enough. I have to tell you guys about Me Before You, which I absolutely loved; Worst.Person.Ever which I absolutely hated; and more.

In the interim I figured I'd share this what I think hilarious video that I found on YouTube. It's the silliest thing, but it had me laughing hysterically. Nearly peed my pants at 0:14.