Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Favorite Read of 2010

I read "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens during one of my blogging absences, and while I didn't post a review before, it was without a doubt my favorite read of 2010. "Still Missing" is Ms. Stevens first novel. A riveting page-turner from the get-go, and one of those books that you instantly know will be made into a movie. The book relates the story of Annie O'Sullivan's abduction, captivity, escape and attempts at recovery, all told through Annie's sessions with her psychiatrist.

Annie is a single, 32-year old real estate agent in Vancouver Island. One Sunday while she's showing a house she is abducted by what at first instance seems a harmless, friendly man, who proves to be anything but. The Freak, as Annie calls him in her mind, takes her to a remote cabin where he holds her captive for a year. Annie has to endure rape, physical abuse and the Freak's twisted power game including his demeaning nightly bathing rituals, and even an imposed schedule for using the toilet. It's a compelling story of hope and perseverance in the face of even your darkest fears. A struggle between a deranged psychopath and a gutsy and determined heroine. A large part of the book focuses on Annie's life after the escape, including her desperate attempt to glue her shattered life and self back together. As if all of that wasn't enough, the plot has a few shocking surprises that keep you mesmerized right to the last page, heck, right to the last word.

The story is straight out of your worst nightmares, but yet so brilliantly told and the characters so well-written that you're compelled to keep reading whether you're unconformtable or horrified. I really enjoyed this book, and as I said, I hope they make it into a movie. The words are there. With the right cast, it could prove to be a blockbuster.