Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When You're a Jet, You're a Jet All the Way

Dare I say it...same old Jets. Now that a little time has passed since the heartbreak of the Jets loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers I can better reflect on the game. Yet again the Jets brought us to the precipice of exhiliration, only to fall short, and leave us crying in our soup. Who's to blame? Alot of fans on talk radio want to blame Brian Schottenheimer's offensive play calling, but the truth is the defense was non-existent in the first half. In Bart Scott's now-infamous post-game interview after defeating Brady and the Patriots, he mocked the Patriots defense saying they "can't stop a freakin' nosebleed." Well, his words came back to bite him in the behind, because the same could've been said for the Jets defense on that day. Truth is, finger pointing is pointless. It doesn't change the facts, the season is over and we're not in the Super Bowl.

I take heart in the fact that they played with pride in the second half, and that we didn't have another blowout ala the 45-3 debacle against the Patriots. For a few minutes at the end of the game they even got me to believe; to believe that they could work some of their magic again and pull off a miracle win like in the Texans game. But, it was not to be.

As the saying goes, "Hope springs eternal." So, I'll hope for a great next season. I'll hope they bring back Holmes, Edwards and Cromartie (too greedy? I'll take 2 out of 3). I'll hope Mark Sanchez matures even more as a quarterback with another year under his belt. Lastly, I'll hope that we can finally get over the hump, and make it to, and win the Super Bowl. No harm in hoping.