Friday, October 31, 2014

Must See: The Theory of Everything

One of the best things about Fall, along with the cool, crisp days and riotous mix of beautiful colors that dot our landscapes before leaves start gently fluttering from the sky like snow flakes (to later become a slimy slurry causing life-threatening driving conditions), is the sudden onslaught of quality, inspiring and Oscar-caliber movies which flood our local movie theater screens. The movie reels (they're probably not reels anymore, more like CDs, but go with me here) have sat in stifling warehouses all summer, while we sat through mind-numbing action movies and comedies, when suddenly they make their presence known in as dramatic and spectacular a fashion as the natural splendor we're lucky enough to enjoy every autumn.

I caught a trailer for such a movie during my recent screening of Gone Girl. Scheduled for release on November 7th, The Theory of Everything is based on the life of famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. As you'll see from the trailer, the film appears to be more a human story, a story of love (I'm a sucker for those) than a story of science or theories. I found just this brief glimpse of Eddie Redmayne's ("Les Misérables") performance in the lead role heart-wrenchingly moving, so I'd hedge my bets right now that he's a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination. I can't wait to catch this extraordinary story and Oscar-worthy performance.