Monday, January 25, 2016

The Children's Home

This month I read The Children’s Home by Charles Lambert, which fell in the so-so category. I added this selection to my 2016 reading list thanks to its intriguing synopsis and cool cover. “Don't judge a book by its cover,” the saying goes, well, maybe I should’ve listened.

From the publisher: "In a sprawling estate, willfully secluded, lives Morgan Fletcher, the disfigured heir to a fortune of mysterious origins. Morgan spends his days in quiet study, avoiding his reflection in mirrors and the lake at the end of his garden. One day, two children, Moira and David, appear. Morgan takes them in, giving them free reign of the mansion he shares with his housekeeper Engel. Then more children begin to show up…but the children behave strangely. They show a prescient understanding of Morgan’s past, and their bizarre discoveries in the mansion attics grow increasingly disturbing. Every day the children seem to disappear into the hidden rooms of the estate, and perhaps, into the hidden corners of Morgan’s mind."

The book was a little odd and creepy, which are both good in my book. One big issue I had with the story though was that the reader was given no sense of time or place for the tale. The where and when were as much a mystery when I ended as when I started. Overall, it had a slow start, good middle, but the ending of the book went right over my head and I was totally lost. I can (and do) enjoy books strictly for their fun or entertainment value; in fact most of the novels I read fall in that category, but when reading an allegorical novel, I feel like it’s a given that there should be a message to be taken beyond the last page. What that message was in this case, is beyond me. The fault here could totally lie with the reader, so despite the less than glowing review, you know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so give it a shot.