Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nowhere Girl

This past weekend I camped out on my couch for a marathon reading session of Susan Stecker’s new novel, Nowhere Girl. One sitting; it was that good. In the novel, years after her sixteen-year old twin sister, Savannah, was found strangled to death in a derelict house on the edge of town, Cady, now a bestselling thriller writer begins to uncover what really happened after new evidence seems to indicate that Savannah’s death wasn’t a random attack but that whoever killed her sister loved her.

This book was a true page-turner suspense novel. It wasn’t an edge of your seat type of book with tons of action and/or life and death situations, but it was well-written and kept you engaged with wonderfully relatable and believable characters, including a likable protagonist. The author did a wonderful job of throwing in enough red herrings, casting aspersions on multiple characters throughout the book so that like Cady, I was paranoid and suspicious of everyone. An equally interesting aspect of the book was the author’s portrayal of the at times mysterious and unbreakable bond between twins.

Nowhere Girl was a thoroughly enjoyable read; maybe not great, but really, really good and worthy of making it to your To Be Read pile. Definitely an author to keep on my radar for future reading material.