Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Introducing Miss Jasmin

Jasmin is my mom’s baby, and now my new roommate. A lovable yet sometimes hoydenish ball of fur.

Mom had wanted a kitten for the longest time, but given the cost of taking care of a pet, with vet bills, food, etc. she just couldn’t afford the expense on her meager income. Then a couple of years ago, after my own ball of fur, Fortunato, passed away I offered to pick up the tab for all the kitty related expenses and to handle the day-to-day kitty litter care and gifted Mom with Jasmin as an early Christmas present.

Jasmin was mom’s choice for a name, and in typical Spanish tradition her full name is much longer, Jasmin Margarita Violeta, but Jasmin or chi-chi is her go to name. When Jasmin lived with mom she gloried in the constant 24-hour attention that only a retired old lady with nothing to do all day can give her cat. As a result of said adoration and an overinflated ego, she was aloof and distant, allowing herself to be petted only on her terms, when she wanted. Now, sadly, times have changed and she’s home alone all day while I’m at work and visiting mom in the afternoon, so when I get home in the evenings she’s a puddle of love at my feet. I guess the saying that you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone holds true for cats too. Nowadays, she throws herself at my feet on the carpet as soon as I walk in, begging to be petted and kissed. She’s still a bit of a rebel and hellion, biting my feet when I get in bed at night or delicately, daintily, and deliberately knocking things off the dresser with her paw. Rebellious behavior aside, she’s very loved, and she always gets an extra kiss at night, which arrives via special delivery from her mom.