Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life Is What Happens to You While You're Making Other Plans

Sorry for the long blogging absence, though I'm pretty sure no one has been waiting with bated breath for my return. As the title would suggest, life has shifted my priorities and blogging about my TV addiction now falls very low on my list. At the end of last year my mom suffered a cranial hemorrhage which brought on vascular dementia and resulted in her need to be in a nursing home for 24/7 care. As you can imagine, its been quite an emotional journey to try to come to terms with the fact that the lively, funny and witty person that was my mom just six months ago is nothing but a memory. Mom and I were, and continue to be, the best of pals. Even before her illness I would see her everyday, but now the daily visits are a little longer because now she really needs me. While I know that she'll be fed, changed and put to bed even if I'm not there each night, I also know my love and attention is a balm for her weary soul. I can see it in the soft smile she gives me as soon as I walk in, and the way she closes her eyes with peace and contentment as I kiss her. So the posts will be few and far between, about who knows what, but I'll do my best.