Sunday, March 11, 2012


Since I was M.I.A. from the blog during football season, you're all unaware of my total indoctrination into Tebowmania. Yup, I drank the Kool-Aid. It all started after the Denver Broncos beat my own NY Jets. Unlike many of the die-hard Tebow fans I had never followed him in college, so for me it all started with an incredible interview he gave right after the Jets defeat. He was intelligent, soft-spoken, and despite all the jabs thrown his way by the commentators, a true gentleman. Plus, I'm nothing if not a sucker for an underdog.

The more I learned about this young man, he's only 24, who's already done so much with his life, the more I admired him. Like the fact that through his foundation, Tim Tebow Foundation, they are building a children's hospital in the Philippines (the country of his birth, and where his parents served as missionaries). Or the fact that through his W15H program, he's fulfilled the wish of countless children with life-threatening illnesses and brought them to all his games, home or away, and that win or lose, or as Tim says "hero or goat" he takes the time to meet with them, spend time with them and their family, and give them a little hope.

I'm still a NY Jets fan, but I'll be buying my first ever NFL jersey before the start of next football season, and it will be a Tebow #15. To be honest, it's never been about the football for me. I'm truly a fan of Tim Tebow, the man, not the player, though I think he's a pretty darn good player too. Every interview I've watched and article I've read have only enhanced my admiration for everything he does and stands for as a person. Plus, who doesn't love a Cinderella story? Who doesn't cheer for the underdog that everyone says can't win? Every come from behind win in the season, every miraculous finish only added to my belief that goodness, faith, and a little prayer goes a long way in life.

P.S. Well, it’s a done deal, Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco, which means Tim is sure to be traded. I’m disappointed for him, because I’m sure he would’ve loved to finish what he started in Denver and to have had the support of his coach and the organization, but such is life. I hope that he has people by his side to get him through this difficult time, but most importantly I hope his faith reminds him to never question God’s plan for him, and hopefully this knowledge gives him hope and strength. Here’s to bigger and better things.

P.P.S. OMG, he's a NY Jet!!!