Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Voice Early Favorites

Clockwise from top left: Pip, Juliet Simms, Jordis Unga, Sera Hill

The singers pictured above are four of my early favorites to go to the end during this season of The Voice. The show was a hit last season and one which I thoroughly enjoyed, despite the fact that my favorite (Dia Frampton) didn't win. Nonetheless, I tuned in from the get go, ready to discover some new talent and enjoy some great music, plus I just love that tall drink of water and charming country crooner, Mr. Blake Shelton. Blake is as witty and charming as last season, Cee Lo as quirky and crazy, Adam as sexy and egomaniacal and Christina as annoying, but the four of them together make for some mighty fine TV.

I was downright annoyed with many of the judge's choices during the battle rounds, most notably the selection of Charlotte Sometimes over Lex Land, ugh, what was Blake thinking?! These last few weeks I've had to deal with the added dilemma of two of my favorite shows, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars, going head to head. I've made do as best I can, and seen it as an opportunity to enhance my manual dexterity as I've been dialing for dollars, flipping back and forth from one channel to the other in order to watch both shows Live. For the most part, the TV executives have been extremely accommodating, and many of the times ABC just happens to be running a commercial while one of the singers is performing, and vice versa, NBC has had commercials when my favorite dancers are on the dance floor. The few instances per episode when this is not the case, and I'm faced with this particular Sophie's choice, The Voice has proven to be my favorite child and I've bypassed dancing for singing.

Of the singers pictured above, Pip, a member of Adam's team, has a great voice and performance style but I think he might be a little too Broadway to win it all. Sera Hill from Christina's team, seems to have it all, a great voice, a striking presence on stage, and great marketing potential as a recording artist. I love Cee Lo's Juliet Simms' gritty look and gravelly rocker's voice, but she might be a little too rough around the edges for middle America's voting public. Despite the fact that Jermaine Paul, on Blake's team, has a great voice, I'm going to go out on a limb and go instead with rocker Jordis Unga. Jordis had a horrible battle round performance, but I'm hoping Jordis lives up to her potential and brings it during the Live shows. For those of you unaware, Jordis is no stranger to reality TV, years ago she competed in the singing competition Rock Star: INXS. Watch this YouTube video of Jordis performing Imagine. If she can sing like that, I think she can go far.