Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Voice: It's the Final Countdown

I can’t say or type those words without adding the TA DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA!!! For those of you that don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, click here.

Anyway, it’s actually the semi-final countdown of Season 5 of The Voice; as we slowly creep towards the December 17th finale when we select The Voice! I’m telling you right about now, I’m really ready for the season to end. I always start off the season gung-ho, I tune in for every episode, I exchange texts with my friend during the show and critique performers ala Simon Cowell; but right about now, I start tuning in late, I flip back and forth between channels when there’s someone I don’t like. The problem is that it gets old and now that I know them as performers, I just want to know who will win. But you know the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so the break will be nice and then I'll be raring to go for Season 6; though with the season end of The Voice and the mid-season break of The Blacklist, it'll be weird having Mondays to myself again. Books here I come!

As I mentioned in my last Boob Tube Update post, while my favorite from the auditions (Holly Henry) never made it to the live shows, I found a new favorite in Cole Vosbury and I’ve been actively supporting him (dialing for dollars and voting online) since voting started. By the way, the other four semi-final contestants, as pictured above, are Will Champlin, James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin (all Team Adam), and Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina).

I absolutely love Cole’s raspy, soulful voice and his spot on song choices so far, and I really, really hope he wins; with the only other person I’d be OK with winning being Will. This past Monday each performer got a chance to sing two songs to wow America and while the judges seemed to have preferred Cole’s first song, Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl”, my personal preference was for song number two, James Morrison’s “Better Man.” I’m really hoping Blake and Cole can make a truly inspired song choice that can offer him the always craved for “moment” (as they say) going into the finals.

As for the other teams, I feel bad for Ceelo since he’s out of the running with the entirety of his team knocked out of the competition, but that is part of the game. To be honest I was shocked when Caroline got the boot, since given the word of mouth about her audition going into the live shows, I pegged her as an early favorite. I’m not a fan of Team Adam, except for Will, and definitely don’t like the perpetually screechy Jacquie Lee from Team Xtina.

Tune in next Monday and vote, vote, vote (for Cole...fingers-crossed). Go Team Blake!