Monday, May 16, 2016

Books, Books and More Books!

Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! Despite all appearances to the contrary, namely my only handful of posts since January, I’ve been reading tons lately. You’ll be glad to know that I’ve even cast my net wider than usual so far as genres go, and have read something other than my typical mystery/thrillers. Shocking, I know. They’re still my go-to for pure enjoyment, but I’ve sprinkled some biographies and non-fiction books into the mix for good measure, and to my surprise, I’ve loved those too.

Where are the reviews you ask? Hamana, hamana, hamana, as Ralph Kramden used to say. Just kidding! I do have reviews to share, but they’re just a little shorter than usual. Let me explain. While I love being able to share my thoughts on life in general, great new books, and to just kvetch about life’s little headaches and heartaches with each of you on this blog, I’ve always found writing the book reviews a bit of a chore. Going forward therefore I’m going to forego the long detailed reviews I used to post and opt for more simple capsule reviews that are two or three paragraphs in length. I’ve been posting some at work for a Book Club group found on my employer’s Yammer network, and found writing them a much less tedious and more enjoyable experience.

I know there’s only a handful of you guys still reading my blog (thanks, whoever you are), but nonetheless I wanna share all of the amazingly thrilling, gripping, moving, or even downright hilarious books I’ve read so far this year. So, just ‘cause I love you, I’m going to transfer all my early 2016 Yammer reviews here. I have close to a dozen books, which I’ll post on using the dates around which I read them, so peruse the blog carefully and catch them all. Believe me, you’ll be thanking me when you do.