Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Readathon Anyone?

This might not be doable by those with a spouse, significant other, child, or a life, but since I have none of the aforementioned emotional attachments, and the life part is questionable at times, I'm going for broke. I recently came across a website called Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon, which is an actual organized event that takes place twice a year. Thousands sign up, participate and connect via social media. The next one isn't until October, so with no plans for the upcoming holiday weekend, I'm getting in my dry run. As the name would imply it's a reading marathon where you read or listen to as many books as possible within a 24-hour time span. Why? I haven't figured that one out yet. Bragging rights? I mean running the 26.2 mile variety isn’t in my foreseeable future, not if I want a foreseeable future, but if I do this I could honestly say that I participated in a 'marathon' and technically not be lying. Just kidding! I do it for the books of course. It’s all about the books.

Any successful event requires planning, and here a key will be a lot of great books. I’ll have to hit up the library, of course, for my book lineup. I’ll definitely include one or two audiobooks, so I can see the light of day without being stuck at home; I could get my ‘read’ on at the park or at the mall. Snacks are undoubtedly a must. Ooh and some good tea. Having rain fall softly outside my window as I read is a hope outside my purview and would also be a selfish wish given everyone else’s mad rush to the beach during this our official kick-off to summer. As for attire, my yoga pants that have led an unfulfilled life as regular stretchy pants since they've never stepped foot in a yoga class are a perfect go to with an oversized tee. I guess there really isn't that much planning needed after all.

Wish me luck. I'll let you know if I cross the finish line or cramp up and hit the proverbial 'wall' before hour 24. Books, snacks and my couch? I got this in the bag!