Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sentimental Ol’ Me

I’m slightly ashamed to admit this bit of over the top sentimentality (blame middle age or hormones), but last night a commercial made me cry. Not sob, but the eyes were definitely brimming with tears, though no spill over (thankfully). The saddest part is that it wasn't even Hallmark; they're always good for a tug of your heartstrings. It wasn't the ASPCA Sarah McLachlan one with sad puppy eyes; that ad gets me in the feels every time. But no, not that one either. It was for Lowe’s. Lowe’s, the home improvement store.

In my defense, it was so enchanting, sweet and romantic that it could reduce the biggest curmudgeon to tears. Heck, it could make the Grinch's heart grow three sizes for sure. The ad which I saw while watching The Voice depicts two kids falling in love, but here's the kicker, so do their homes! Take a look for yourself and feel free to mock me next time you see me if you don't agree.

Cue the feelings, right?