Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like Calvin Loves Alice

I'd like to some day be loved like Calvin loves Alice. Until recently I was unfamiliar with this wonderful American love story, but then a friend gifted me a copy of "About Alice" by Calvin Trillin. Calvin Trillin is a long time writer at The New Yorker and Alice was his life, love and muse.

The book is only 75 pages, yet those few pages somehow encapsulate a lifetime of love, respect and admiration. Each memory shared about his love, Alice, emanate a deep abiding love, a profound respect and admiration for who she was as a human being, and a sense of awe at the luck of being blessed with her in his life.

So yes, as a 41 year old single woman (heck why be pc, 41 year old spinster) I do dream of finding that special guy that like Calvin with Alice will still be trying to impress me decades after we've fallen in love, who will still remember the moment we first met, even if we argue over the fine details of what we were wearing, and who feels blessed to have me in his life.

Not an easy feat, especially at 41, but I'm still holding out hope.