Monday, June 8, 2009

This weekend I...

...went to the movies with my two knuckleheads nephews to see Up, which is easily the best animated movie I've ever seen. It was enchanting, touching, and really funny. I laughed out loud in parts, and in others even teared up. At one very touching moment early in the movie, my eyes filled with tears and I tried surreptitiously to wipe them away without my nephews noticing, sure that I would be endlessly mocked by an 8 and 10 year old, a fact I would never live down. Luckily, they didn't notice, but as I looked around I noticed that the mom sitting next to us was doing the same. I felt much better after that. At least I wasn't the only nerd to cry watching a cartoon.

...wolfed down enjoyed a rich, creamy and fat-laden classic banana split while sitting on a bench in the company of my two knuckleheads, as we watched a bee on a nearby blade of grass and discussed the fine points on bee stings

...trekked behind said knuckleheads around a small pond at dusk, with eyes wide open and alert, ready to sound the alarm at any sign of a frog or small fish

...visited my dear cuz and her clan, which includes 1 hubby, 2 children, 1 cat, 1 fish, 1 lady bug garden (not ladybugs yet, still very creepy), and last but not least, 1 guinea pig, Jack. I had never met Jack before and let me just say, I'm smitten. Don't you just love his hairdo.

...envied and enjoyed my cuz's garden, including this little beauty.

...drumroll please...baked. Now granted, the recipe is more assembly, than actual 'from scratch' type baking, and I did have 2 assistants (cuz and little cuz-- cuz's 8 year old daughter), but it's still baking. I made Monkey Bread using the very simple (so easy a monkey could do it) recipe from the wonderful Pioneer Woman. Not as picture-perfect as Pioneer Woman's but still delish!