Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"Hanna" is an action thriller starring Saoirse Ronan (star of "Lovely Bones") as the titular character, Eric Bana as her father, Erik Heller, and Cate Blanchett as Marissa Wiegler, a corrupt CIA agent. Hanna is a 16-year old girl raised in the wilds of Finland and trained in all types of mortal combat by her father, in preparation of making her the perfect assassin. Since childhood, Erik has prepared Hanna for the day when she will meet, and ultimately kill, Marissa Wiegler. When Hanna decides that day has finally arrived, she informs her father, who presents her with a tracking device or transmitter which Hanna must activate to send a signal informing Marissa of her whereabouts and therefore, begin the chase.

The balance of the movie focuses on Hanna's mission to kill Marissa and reunite with her father, while using flashbacks to reveal the events which shaped Hanna's life and that of her mother, as well as Marissa Wiegler and Erik Heller's roles in that story.

While I enjoyed the movie, the fight sequences were very cool, I must say the movie had alot (alot) of lulls in the action. It didn't have a steady stream of action, on par with - let's say - one of the Bourne movies. Saoirse Ronan's performance as Hanna was impressive though. While she was admirable in conveying the cold, almost robotic, expression which you'd expect from a heartless assassin, it was the scenes where she expressed real emotion where she truly shined, such as the mixture of fascination and fear she conveys when exposed to electricity, a modern convenience which 'til then was completely foreign to her or the look of pure pleasure when Hanna hears music for the first time in her life.