Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rio (The Movie)

In "Rio," Blu (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) is a Macaw who is captured as a baby in a jungle near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While he's being transported to an exotic pet store in the U.S., his crate falls off the truck in Moose Lake, Minnesota and is found by a young girl, Linda (voiced by Leslie Mann) who promises to always take care of him. Years later, Blu is living the life of Riley, basking in Linda's love and attention as her pet and best friend, and enjoying the finer things in life, like an afternoon snack of cookies and hot cocoa with the exact ratio of cocoa to marshmallows. Despite his continued failed attempts at learning to fly, all is otherwise going smoothly for Blu, until Linda gets a visit from a scientist informing her that Blu is the last male of his kind, and requesting that they travel to Rio so Blu can mate with a female of his kind and preserve the species. After much deliberation, Linda decides to put aside her fears and travel to Rio, but all doesn't go as planned, thanks to a robbery at the bird sanctuary by a nefarious group of smugglers. With the help of Jewel (voiced by Anne Hathaway), the female Macaw he was supposed to mate with, Blu escapes the smugglers and begins the journey through the streets and jungles of Rio, all in hopes of finding his way back to Linda.

This movie was bright and happy in every sense, from the bright colors of the jungle scenery and the colorful plummage of the birds that roundout the cast of characters, to the happy beat of the Brazilian music playing in the background. Having seen it, it's no wonder this movie has been #1 in the box office these past few weeks. A definite must see.