Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catch a Cab, You Won't Regret It

As if I didn’t watch enough TV, I’ve recently become addicted to Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel. For all you trivia buffs, it’s a must see. Cash Cab is a game show held in a New York City cab. The host, Ben Bailey, picks up unsuspecting New York City taxi passengers and asks them general knowledge questions all the way to their destination. Each correct answer earns the contestant cash. The questions start easy and get harder along the way. The harder the questions the more money they can earn. Get three questions wrong and you’re out, literally, on the street wherever you are – even in the rain. It’s a fun and informative show which leaves you a little smarter for having watched it. Where else can you learn that lateral epicondylitis is more commonly known as tennis elbow, or find out what the “T” stands for in Captain James T. Kirk middle name (it’s Tiberius). I hope you’ll all hail this cab.