Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's a First Time for Everything

Welcome all. This is my first post, in my first blog. Quite an accomplishment for a 40-year old who read her first blog only a day ago. All credit goes to my friend and co-worker, Manshi, who inspired me after reading her blog. My first thought after reading her blog was, cool, how do I get one of those. Finally a place to give voice to the random thoughts I normally just blurt out to my cube mates in my office. I'm sure they'll be grateful when my TV tourettes tones down a notch.

As all my friends and family know and as evident from my blog title, I'm a TV addict. I watch at least 2 to 3 hours of TV per day. I wish I could say I was only watching documentaries on the History Channel or political commentary on CNN, but alas the bulk of my time is taken up by what most TV snubs would deem "mindless dribble", those two dirty little words...reality TV. I love Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Big Brother, Survivor, America's Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance. Luckily, they don't all run at the same time of the year. I round off my viewing schedule with House, Chuck, Heroes, The Office, Lost and an occassional episode of 60 Minutes, so that my brain doesn't completely turn to mush.

My hope for this blog is to share with you, the reader - more than likely family and friends, my insights and feelings on TV shows, movies, books (yes, I still remember how to read even with my busy TV viewing schedule) and life in general. I hope that you'll visit often and share your thoughts and opinions on my thoughts and opinions. Thanks for this first visit. Please come again!