Monday, April 28, 2008

This Week on the Boob Tube

The more memorable moments for me on TV this week: On Monday's Dancing with the Stars, dancing took a back seat to the grilling that poor Shannon and Derek got backstage from Samantha Harris about their "showmance". Can anyone say awkward. I'll also add Jason's sleeveless top to the memorable list. American Idol had it's fair share of drama, though not necessarily for the singing, it was more for the mini-meltdown we saw from Brooke White who forgot her lyrics, asked the band for a restart and never quite regained her composure. America better send this girl home soon before she has a nervous breakdown. On Wednesday's American Idol results show, we got a semi-shocker of a boot (though not on par with Michael Johns), when Carly Smithson was sent home. Back on Dancing with the Stars, Marlee and Fabian were sent home. Marlee's got my sincere admiration and respect for her dedication and attitude. She's a winner, even without the shiny disco ball trophy. Thursday I went to the movies, so I only got to see The Office which was in rare form. I don't know what the writers did during the writer's strike (maybe they got some extra sleep), but they should go on strike more often, because every episode since their return has been hilarious. In this week's episode, all of the hilarity centered around Michael and Dwight going clubbing in NYC with Ryan, whom we find out is doing drugs. Dwight steals the show with his hobbit comments about Ryan's height-challenged friend, his "weevil season" discussion with Ryan, and his success with the ladies as he manages to get lucky with a lady basketball player. To cap of the week, the Big Brother 9 season ended today Sunday, with Adam as the big winner. Don't really care about him, but loved the fact that James won the fan voted $25K prize. By the way, can't wait until tomorrow. House is back in the house. Yipee! The good doctor is moving from his previous Tuesday time slot to Monday.