Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nostalgia Time Again...80's Teen Movies

Nostalgia hits me every once in a while on a variety of topics. This time I was reminiscing on the incredible teen films from the 80’s which went on to become classics and that I love to this day. I guess it’s part of the territory that comes with turning 40, this need to compare everything to when I was young, but most would have to admit that teen movies today just aren’t what they used to be. In all honesty, teen movies are a rare breed nowadays. You don’t see many movies dealing with the teen psyche or teen issues, or just meant to purely entertain and appeal to teen's sensibilities. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox, and just share this short list of my favorite teen movies. I hope this list brings back some fond memories of your own.

6. Weird Science – Love this nerds make good classic. Gary and Wyatt are two geeky teenagers who decide to use their computer and a Barbie doll to create their perfect woman. Kelly LeBrock played Lisa, their creation, who helps them believe in themselves, make the in-crowd and each get a girlfriend to boot.

5. Can’t Buy Me Love – This movie features Dr. Mc Dreamy (Patrick Dempsey) as Ronald, an unpopular geek who hires the most popular and prettiest cheerleader in high school to pretend to be his girlfriend for a month in order to make it into the cool crowd. Things go a little topsy turvy when she starts liking him for real, and he starts believing his own lies and changing for the worst. In my opinion this is probably one of Dempsey’s best roles ever.

4. Breakfast Club – This classic covered all the bases…the misunderstood bad boy, the jock, the outsider, the brainy nerd, and the prima donna all coming together for detention on a Saturday morning and finding that they have more in common than they each thought. You could find something of yourself in at least one of these well-played characters.

3. Pretty in Pink – Perfect chick-flick. I loved this poor girl / rich boy teen love story. 80s It girl Molly Ringwald was thoroughly likable as Andie, but while I was behind Andie and Blaine making it to the prom, I must say that Duckie was the one that stole my heart.

2. Sixteen Candles – So many great scenes in this hilarious movie. Who could forget the panty auction in the bathroom, foreign exchange student Long Duk Dong, the memorable I do’s at Samantha’s sister’s wedding, or the scene as the cars pull away from the front of the church and Samantha spots Jake waiting for her and she turns around to see if he’s there for someone else. As a teen you could totally relate to Samantha’s seemingly unrequited love, after all who didn’t have a Jake of their own in high school which they daydreamed about.

1. Some Kind of Wonderful – I saw this movie at least 10 times when it originally came out. The staff at the movie theater must have had a good laugh at my expense each time they saw me coming. Mary Stuart Masterson was brilliant as Watts, the drum playing tomboy who’s secretly in love with her best friend Keith, who’s in love with the most popular girl in school. I still remember Watts walking away crying, before Keith gives her the diamond earrings, and he says “you look good wearing my future.” Awww...it still makes me teary-eyed whenever I see it.