Friday, July 4, 2008

SYTYCD - The Cream Rises to the Top

"So You Think You Can Dance" is down to the top 12 (6 boys, 6 girls) dancers, and I'm happy to report that my favorites--Joshua and Katee--continue knocking it out of the ballpark week in and week out. Joshua and Katee are the perfect combination of talent, personality, and chemistry. This week they had a Mia Michaels contemporary routine which was phenomenal. I especially loved the assisted run across the stage. Speaking of Mia Michaels, watching her routines you know why the dancers are always so hell bent to dance her choreography, she's pretty brilliant. This week she was red hot, with both the incredible number I already mentioned for Joshua and Katee, as well as a totally unique number for Twitch and Kherington which they 'danced' on a mattress. The other couple I've been rooting for is Courtney and Gev, and I was disappointed--though not surprised--that they were in the bottom three this week, but they came out swinging with incredible solos (Gev's was stunning) that showed why they deserve to stay in the competition. Now that Matt and Kourtni are gone, I'm pretty sure that the next couple to go will be Comfort and Thayne.

I don't know that I would agree with Nigel that this is the best season of SYTYCD ever, but it's definitely up there. As we near the midway point and the much desired top 10, it will be interesting to see how the dancers fare--especially the weaker ones like Jessica--when they have to switch partners. Whatever happens next, barring a total catastrophe or personal illness, right now I'd hazard a guess that the final four dancers will be Joshua, Katee, Will and Twitch. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.