Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let's Play Ball

I'm back from the Mets game. I had a wonderful time in spite of getting drenched in a downpour and the Mets losing. As promised, here are some photos from the game.

Jose Reyes, Mets shortstop, warming up before the start of the game

Johan Santana, Mets pitcher coming in before the start of the game

Johan Santana pitching with David Wright in the background

Derek Jeter at bat (Alex Rodriguez and Yankee Manager Joe Girardi watching from the dugout)

Andy Petite pitching for the Yankees

Johan doing his thing for the Mets

Mets pow-wow on the pitching mound

Carlos Delgado, Mets 1st baseman, looking slightly dejected - kinda how I felt with the final score