Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wipeout Takes Round One

I was all gung-ho for "Celebrity Family Feud" but as usual I did some channel surfing during the commercical break and caught a piece of "Wipeout" a new reality competition on ABC that also airs at 8:00 pm. Of course, I was hooked, and ended up switching back forth between the two shows with "Wipeout" getting the lion's share of my time. After watching both, I must say that "Wipeout" easily edged out the Feud in the first head to head. For those of you that missed it, "Wipeout" is a Japanese-derived type of reality competition in which 24 contestants have to run an obstacle course filled with knock outs, face plants, swan dives into mud, and of course complete wipeouts. The show counts on our natural human instinct to enjoy a chuckle when someone trips, falls, or just downright makes a fool of themselves and I must guiltily admit it thoroughly delivered on laughs because I was laughing out loud. Catch it next Monday, you won't be disappointed.