Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thuffering Thuccotash That's One Fat Squirrel

This isn't my typical type of post, but I had to share. No, this hasn't been photoshopped, sadly this photo is very real. This poor little guy appeared in my recent newsletter from Best Friend's Animal Society. Best Friends runs an animal sanctuary at Angel Canyon in Kanab, Utah which takes in all types of abandoned and abused animals--including cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, pigs, and yes, squirrels--and they also perform animal rescue missions related to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Best Friends is a wonderful organization which I'm very proud to support in whatever small way I can. Now back to my story of Mr. Squirrel.

Best Friends reported that this little guy was minding his own nuts, merrily enjoying the outdoors when he was taken from a park and brought to someone's home to be caged as a pet. As if that wasn't bad enough, his owners were feeding him people food including grilled cheese sandwiches, hence his new beach ball physique. Fortunately, Mr. Squirrel can thank his lucky stars that somehow the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service found out about his predicament, rescued him and brought him to Best Friends where he's on a "strict-but-delicious diet of veggies and protein meal." After he loses weight, Mr. Squirrel will be released into the wild where he belongs so he can frolic with all his furry friends.