Monday, June 23, 2008

SYTYCD - Right Girl / Wrong Guy Go Home

Last week's "So You Think You Can Dance" had some great dance numbers, and plenty of obnoxious behavior from Nigel. My favorites, Joshua and Katee, stepped it up yet again with a high-energy and fun Broadway number, and New Yorker Courtney and her partner Gev danced a beautiful and romantic contemporary routine which gave them a much needed boost and a good dose of newfound chemistry. Watching all the performances on Wednesday night, it was pretty obvious who the bottom three couples would be (Chelsea and Thayne, Comfort and Chris, and Susie and Marquis), which is exactly what came to pass on Thursday night. As I correctly predicted in my last post, Susie aka the teacher from Miami, made it into the bottom three with her unfortunate partner Marquis, and after a lackluster solo was sent home. Unlike the obvious girl castoff, in my opinion the judges totally blew it when it came to the guys by sending Marquis--Susie's partner--home. Marquis performed an incredible solo which totally earned him the right to stay for another week, but instead the judges deemed the performance full of "tricks" and decided to keep Chris, who is a much weaker performer. If the judges aren't going to even consider the dancers "dance for their life solos" when deciding who to send home, then why bother. It's all a charade, and in the end they get rid of whoever they want to get rid of whether deserving or not. In spite of my disappointment, I'll definitely be tuning in this Wednesday for the next new episode.