Saturday, May 10, 2008

27 Dresses

"27 Dresses" stars Katherine Heigl as Jane, a hopeless romantic who embodies the saying always a bridesmaid, never a bride. How much of a romantic is Jane? Her idea of relaxing at home is to read the 'Vows' section of the newspaper and cut out and save the most sentimental and touching pieces. Jane is selfless with those in her life, including her younger sister Tess, her boss George (Edward Burns), whom she's secretly in love with, or the endless number of friends for whom she's attended and helped plan weddings (27 in total). Everything is going swimmingly in Jane's life, until her sister Tess comes to visit and starts falling for George and vice versa, and then Jane's dreams of happily ever after are threatened. Thrown into this mix is Kevin Doyle (James Marsden), a writer for the 'Commitments' section in the newspaper. Kevin meets Jane at a wedding and after finding her filofax and reading it, he sees the potential for a story about the perennial bridesmaid as a ticket out of the wedding beat. To make matters interesting, Tess and George get engaged, and Kevin is the writer assigned to write their piece for the 'Commitments' section. As Kevin and Jane are thrown together sparks start to fly, and then things get really interesting. The movie isn't laugh out loud funny like "Knocked Up", Heigl's last comedy, but there are quite a few funny scenes, and even a few touching scenes which Heigl pulls off just as easily as the laughs. All in all, this sweet and charming romantic comedy is a chick-flick which is definitely worth seeing.