Friday, May 23, 2008

SYTYCD Kicks It Off with a Bang

The "So You Think You Can Dance" 2008 season started last night as smokin' hot as it finished last season with a round of phenomenal dancers, which quickly swept away any blues left over by the "Dancing with the Stars" finale. The auditions started in Los Angeles with Mia Michaels sitting in as the third judge alongside Nigel and Mary. The two-hour episode had its fair share of great, good, and wannabe dancers, and a few "eccentrics" (to be nice) just there to appear on TV. The dancers included ballroom dancing couples, poppers, and contemporary dancers. There were a bunch of great dancers, but my personal highlight reel for the episode would include a freudian slip by Mia Michaels who let slip "sex-cessful" in judging a very handsome (and arrogant) male dancer which lead to a full round of cackles from Mary who gloried in Mia's embarassment; a touching moment between Mia Michaels and a female contestant who was legally blind, and which Nigel and Mary declined to let move on to the choreography round citing her lack of technique. Mia barely able to speak through her tears explained that her friend-also a dancer-lost her vision, and commended the contestant for her will and determination; and the best was definitely saved for last, as the last dancer of the night was a popper from Los Angeles (Robert Muraine) who left everyone's jaw (including mine) on the floor. Mia Michaels was so impressed and incredulous at his performance she said that she expected him to unzip his outer wear and prove he was an alien, because what he did was so out of this world. Visit YouTube to watch Robert's audition.