Friday, May 30, 2008

CBS Tries to Shake Off Fuddy Duddy Image

In a move possibly geared at shedding its image as old and conservative, the new hipper and edgier CBS will be airing it's pilot episode of "Swingtown" next Thursday, June 5th at 10 pm ET. "Swingtown" tells the story of Susan and Bruce, a couple who relocates their family to a suburb in Chicago during July 1976, and who face the temptations brought about by the sexual revolution of the 70s in the form of their attractive "swinger" neighbors who hope to introduce them to the joys of sexual freedom. While the potential story arcs for the show might be interesting, as the main characters face the consequences of their choices and how those choices impact them as individuals and their relationships, I don't think this show has much of a shot at success as a regular network show. Given the fact that the story centers around sexual freedom and swingers, and hence sex scenes will be part of the plot, it would seem to me that a cable channel would have been a better fit. Granted, the show could leave the sex scenes to the imagination and center around the development of the characters, but in the long run I think the show will seem tawdry to those who don't want titillating scenes filled with sexual innuendos, and boring to those who don't want things left to the imagination. I'm therefore going to go out on a limb and predict that this show won't enjoy the light of day for very long, and will get yanked after a couple episodes. Time will tell if my prediction proves true.