Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DWTS: The Semi-Finals

After last week's return of Apolianne (Apolo and Julianne) and Mel and Maks, tonight's episode made me realize how uninspiring this season of "Dancing with the Stars" is by comparison. While I'll continue watching and cheering for my favorite couple (Jason and Edyta), I'm just not as captivated this season as I've been in the past. Every dance this season falls short by comparison to the same dances performed in previous seasons. Even the spray on tans are paler by comparison. For example, tonight's Tango by Kristi and Mark was less than memorable, in spite of the judge's high marks. You want to see a great Tango, watch Mario Lopez and Karina, or for a hipper version watch Apolo and Julianne's from the semi-finals. Marissa and Tony's Quickstep was slow and cumbersome compared to the fun, sassy Quickstep performed by Helio and Julianne last season. Even my favorites' (Jason and Edyta) second dance, the Paso Doble, was as dull as white bread when compared to the passionate dominatrix-inspired Paso performed by Mel and Maks.

Luckily, there's only one more week left until this season's big finale, which will hopefully include Jason and Edyta, as well as some original and creative freestyles that bring the wow back to the dance floor. And if not, we always have next season. Tune in tomorrow to see who falls short of the finale.