Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finale Fever

"And now, the end is near;
And so I they face the final curtain."

Yes folks, the end is near for both “Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS) and “American Idol”. Both have been lackluster, yet enjoyable, seasons with pretty obvious outcomes from the beginning of the season. Last night the final three couples on DWTS (Kristi and Mark, Jason and Edyta, and Cristian and Cheryl) danced their last dances (cha cha and freestyle) and left it all on the dance floor, including clothing items, in hopes of winning America’s votes and taking home the shiny mirror-ball trophy. While Jason and Edyta have been my favorites throughout the season, I can’t deny the obvious outcome which will be Kristi winning it all based on pure technical skill. I’m nothing if not optimistic though, so I’m still hoping for a Jason and Edyta upset. I must say I’ll miss the sparkly dresses, spray on tans, and bad music, but I’ll have “So You Think You Can Dance” (starting Thursday) to console me.

"House" reached its season's end last night with a fabulous double-hanky weeper of an episode. Kudos to Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson) for his moving performance last night. Every tear and emotion he conveyed - sadness, anger, acceptance - seemed heartfelt and genuine. A round of applause to Anne Dudek (Amber) as well, who in the last few weeks transformed cutthroat bitch into a young woman in love whom we could actually care about and ultimately weep for in last night's episode.