Saturday, May 31, 2008

A "Lost" Confession

It's not an earth shattering confession, but one I'd like to get off my chest nonetheless. I'm disappointed to say that I haven't been a loyal "Lost" fan as of late and that I'm probably the only one--actually maybe me and George W. Bush (I hear he's early to sleep, and early to rise)--who didn't watch every last second of last night's "Lost" finale. Since the beginning I've been a huge "Lost" fan...watching each episode, reading show recaps and reviews (especially the great Entertainment Weekly reviews by Jeff Jensen), and also regularly reading spoiler sites for any tidbit of information which might help solve some of the show's most intriguing mysteries. This season though I missed an episode and decided to catch up online before I'd watch the next one. Of course, I didn't watch the missed episode in time and then missed a second episode and a third and a fourth, until it all snowballed from there and I had missed the bulk of the season. I had therefore thought it only right that I tape the finale and not watch it until such time that I had seen all the missed episodes, but I cheated and watched the last 40 or so minutes just to see how it would end, thinking (hoping) it would be another Wow finale like last year. As my just reward for my lack of fortitude I was quite literally 'lost' while watching the episode, completely in the dark as to what had transpired in the weeks before. So, as penance for my numerous transgressions, I promise that I will watch every episode of this season including the two-hour finale in its entirety, I'll catch up on all potential new theories (be it on Jacob or the smoke monster), and will be thoroughly well-informed (both on facts and speculation) by the Season 5 premiere.