Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TV's Pit Stops

Love commercials or hate them? Whichever your response, they are a fact of life, as certain as death and taxes. Sure, they've tried to do away with them on TV with new gizmos like TiVo, but now we have them in movie theaters. So I say, embrace them. Instead of seeing them as a disturbance, treat them as a perfect little pit stop. An opportunity to take care of practical matters, like bathroom breaks or snack runs. In fact, I must admit, that some commercials are downright entertaining. When I was a kid, commercials looked like they were put together by the AV kids in my school. Nowadays, with big budgets and in some cases big name stars (like Justin Timberlake pitching Pepsi), ads have been revolutionized into teeny-tiny-movies. Granted, they're still teeny-tiny-movies reminding us every 15 minutes of the things we don't have, and maybe can't afford. All things considered, I like commercials, I just wish there were fewer of them. At this point in my life, my bladder is still strong enough to hold it for more than 15 minutes at a time. Maybe they could limit them to one commercial break during a one-hour show. No commercial breaks for 1/2 hour shows. What do you think?

With all that said, there are three commercials in particular that I've seen in the recent past that I loved. One brought a smile to my heart, the second brought tears to my eyes, and the third made me laugh out loud. Here's a video clip of each.

Echo Gets Adopted (You see what I mean? Aren't you smiling?)

Budweiser 9/11 Tribute (This ad aired only once. It's beautiful in its simplicity and heartbreakingly moving.)

Bud Light Swear Jar (LOL)