Thursday, May 8, 2008

Need a "Heroes" Fix?

Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Awww, heck. Who am I kidding? It's a long wait until September, and I don't have much patience, so I went in search of some scoops on what to look forward to in the coming season. First of all, Heroes fans will have to wait until Monday, September 7th for "Heroes Season 3 - Volume 3: Villains" to return to NBC. Though the show isn't currently on the air, Heroes director Allan Arkush told TV Guide that taping for the new season was supposedly starting on May 1st (click here for the full Arkush interview). As fans will recall, last we saw our heroes, Nathan was shot while giving a press conference outing the heroes superpowers; Niki apparently perished in the fire saving Monica; Adam was trapped in a coffin by Hiro; and Sylar was back in action after taking the vaccine, with his final words "I'm back" uttered as the episode ended. So with that little refresher, here are some of the scoops I found for next season:


The latest news comes from Michael Ausiello of the Ausiello Report at who reported in an exclusive that "Bruce Boxleitner, who played Scarecrow to Sabrina Duncan's Mrs. King in the mid-80s, has snagged a top-secret recurring role that was originally going to be modeled after Sen. John McCain. The character has since been reconceived, and now all I know for sure is that he'll be sharing scenes with a female series regular." (Read full scoop)

Kristin from Watch with Kristin on E! provided this scoop in response to a viewer request for some Season 3 news, "Look for a new villain named Joy. Her power is superspeed—she's lightning-fast, like the Flash. Hiro meets her in a museum. He asks her if she has powers and if she is trying to steal some art. She convinces him she's on the up-and-up...and then makes off with a bunch of paintings. She's described as a nymph-like character with the speed of a cheetah on, er, speed."

As a follow-up to Kristin's scoop, in an Ausiello Report exclusive, Ausiello confirmed that Brea Grant will be filling the role of Joy. Brea last appeared on "Friday Night Lights" as Jean Binnel, Landry's short-lived girlfriend, before he went back to who he rightfully belonged with, Tyra.

Jack Coleman (Noah Bennett) shared plenty of tidbits with TV Guide including these insightful little gems. When asked what's in the cards for Noah Bennett this season, Coleman told TV Guide, "I'm currently incarcerated and at the bottom of Level Five in the company facility. I think there may be an escape in the offing, but at a cost." Asked about Monhinder, Coleman stated "He's not as mild-mannered as he once was."