Sunday, May 11, 2008

This Past Week on the Boob Tube (5/11)

Monday's Dancing with the Stars is a blur in my mind overshadowed by Tuesday's 100th episode which brought back...Apolianne! Yes, my all time favorite couple on DWTS, Apolo and Julianne, was back and as magical as ever. I love these two! I could watch them dance every night. Apolianne performed an incredible routine with spins, death drops and lifts, to "Every Day" which was performed live by Rascal Flatts. Also, back for a special performance were Tom Bergeron's favorite M&M's (Mel & Maks). The special episode was on results night, and at the end of the hour Mario and 'rolling-eyes Karina' were sent home. Mario handled his ouster with with class and grace.

On Monday's House, House indulged his soap opera addiction by bringing a little drama to a daytime drama, when he kidnapped and later drugged his favorite daytime actor because he was convinced he was dying of a brain tumor. Cameron got some extra screen time in this episode, as Cuddy delegated the job of cleaning House's patients records due to an ongoing hospital inspection. For me, the patient cases in the last couple episodes have taken a back seat to the House/Wilson/Amber storyline, and this week was no exception. Amber finally performed the unthinkable, she won me over. Yes, cutthroat bitch has a new fan. What did the trick? The touching scene when she tells Wilson that she can take care of herself, and that she needs him to take care of himself by making decisions that make him happy so that he doesn't grow to resent her. As for the case, in the end it turned out to be an allergy to quinine brought about by the fake doctor's, the patient and soap star, not House, sipping from prop cocktails during filming.

Tuesday's American Idol was marked by ho-hum performances from the final four. The biggest disappointment of the night was my favorite blue-eyed dreadlock dude, Jason, who was beat up by the judges for forgetting the lyrics to his second song (Tambourine Man). Wednesday's results show was pretty anti-climatic as Simon's "you better pack warning" proved true, and an obviously relieved and giddy Jason was sent home.

I flaked out mid-season on Survivor, but I'll definitely be tuning in Sunday for the finale and reunion. We'll see which of the ladies will take home the cash. [Update: Parvati beat out Amanda to take home the million dollar check. (Boo! What was the jury thinking?) Congrats to James for winning the $100K player of the season prize.]