Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Networks Trying to Make a Difference in the Fight Against Cancer

The Associated Press reported that in a rare step highlighting the event's importance, the three major networks--ABC, CBS, and NBC--will be airing a simultaneous broadcast of a one-hour telethon to raise funds for cancer research. The fundraiser "Stand Up to Cancer" will air on September 5th (the Friday after Labor Day) and will include musical performances and appeals from Hollywood celebrities.

"The American Cancer Society predicts that 1.4 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed this year." Given this staggering number, chances are you've been affected by cancer or at least know someone who's had cancer. As such, the importance of cancer research can never be overestimated. Other telethons in the past, such as the one held after 9/11 or after Hurricane Katrina, have proven American's generosity in times of crisis. This is no less of a crisis, so remember to tune in on September 5th and give whatever you can.